So I am 57 years young and have had maybe 5 pedicures on my feet in my lifetime. The feet that have traveled many many times to 3rd world countries. The feet that are either barefoot or in sandals. The feet that are well worn.

I finally had a pedi a few weeks ago before my trip to Jamaica and was astonished at a new tool that was used by the Asian lady who looked at my feet…then at me…and said “you want me use this?”

It looked like a cheese grater 

I nodded my head “yes” and she smiled, took in a deep breath, and did her magic. 

The results were soft heels. A totally non painful process. Soft as a baby’s bottom. 

So now I am home. Toes need repainting. Heels are a bit on the rough side. I go to TJ Maxx as I haven’t been there in over 3 weeks. (I know, I can’t believe that either.) And I find the cheese grater for my feet!!

I seriously should have purchased all 3 that were hanging from the hook. But I disciplined myself and just got the one.
It works!  And it has this cool plastic detachable cover on the back…that catches all that nasty heel skin!

Pretty gross…but some of you will understand and are secretly rejoicing with me right now. 
I have probably used every product out there for my feet and I can tell you…the buck stops here!

Now, if I can only find a gadget that will repair my toes….

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