So, yes, I am going here this morning.  Another shooting. Another “unarmed black man”. Another round of “bad cops”.  Another night of burning and looting but this time in Charlotte.

Everyone is so quick to judge. To judge the police. To judge their nano-second decisions. To judge what the camera or video shows. To judge what the meaning is behind words. Any words.

Were you there? In that moment…were you there?  Do you know what happened?  Do you know why guns were out?  Do you know why a helicopter was called? Do you know why #terencecrutcher did not follow police commands? Why he kept walking toward his vehicle when they repeatedly yelled at him to stop?  Why he lowered his  arm when he got to the drivers door?  No…no one knows…yet everyone is judging.

Even from our church leaders.

Judging. Calling it racism.

It needs to stop.

Wait for the investigation. Let’s be smart enough not to let the media tell us what to believe…or what we think we saw.  A majority of us were not there.

Let’s not judge and call a police officer guilty of racism and shooting an unarmed black man because of the color of his skin.


Love. Pray. Stand together and support. Wait. Don’t cause division.

I am the mother of a LEO. He grew up in the community he serves. From elementary school thru high school.  He served in the Marine Corp. Did 2 tours overseas.  He serves our community in an area that is high in crime. He serves. He invests in his community. He builds relationships. He protects. He doesn’t see skin color. He sees crime and injustice. He is a peacemaker.

Don’t judge what he and so many others do when they put on that uniform and leave their homes. Leave their families. Don’t judge when someone calls 911 for help and help arrives. Don’t assume that that he and others like him want to shoot their weapons. They don’t.

I pray for my boy every night. For protection. That he makes good judgements. That he is safe both from the bad guy….but also from all the negative conversation that is out there on social media.

Too many #’s?

Then stop.




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