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Pressing On….

19858416_10158789590445315_537950697_nI am reminded today that He is my One. My consistent companion. My one who yes, will get angry and correct me, but it is always done in Love. I am reminded today that He is the one who refreshes. Me. My soul. My days. My nights. Him alone.

When I think of water….I think of being in the shower. Cleaning off the dirt and the grime. Cleaning off the old skin. The old odors.

When I think of water….I think of standing outside in the rain, whether a cool rain, or a hot and humid rain.  Either way….cleansing, refreshing, washing.

When I think of water….I think of new life. New life in Him.

So I press on to acknowledge Him.  To give Him thanks. To stand in the gap for those who need it. To ask him daily to reign down in my life….and cleanse me. Refresh me. Nourish me. Flood me. Take me to that point where I am drowning and seeking Him with everything I have left. Trusting that He will be there and He will intervene.

When I think of water….I press on.


Can we just stop spreading the hate? Stop sharing things that only result in emotional responses that are usually mean and ugly? Stop encouraging the media…who we know are so unbiased and always tells the truth?

Can we stop?

Can we stop judging before we have all the facts? Stop having to get that last word in…just because we know it all? Stop being an “expert”?


Can we wait for truth? Can we love with the love Jesus has? Can we be colorblind and just love those who are hurt, grieving, have full time jobs, lost, mean, filthy, on drugs, liars, cheaters, full of hate,  attend church, claim to be better than what spews out of their mouths,  angry, don’t attend church, full of judgement, killers, haters?

Can we turn the other cheek? A thousand times?  A thousand times again? Forgive? Encourage? Lift up? Praise? Allow for accountability? Support? Listen? Feel?

It’s so easy to press that “share” button and not think about what the consequences are.  I have been guilty of doing it too. But I have to stop. It’s enough. It’s ugly. It’s not me.

Romans 12:2 “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is GOOD and ACCEPTABLE and PERFECT.






So, yes, I am going here this morning.  Another shooting. Another “unarmed black man”. Another round of “bad cops”.  Another night of burning and looting but this time in Charlotte.

Everyone is so quick to judge. To judge the police. To judge their nano-second decisions. To judge what the camera or video shows. To judge what the meaning is behind words. Any words.

Were you there? In that moment…were you there?  Do you know what happened?  Do you know why guns were out?  Do you know why a helicopter was called? Do you know why #terencecrutcher did not follow police commands? Why he kept walking toward his vehicle when they repeatedly yelled at him to stop?  Why he lowered his  arm when he got to the drivers door?  No…no one knows…yet everyone is judging.

Even from our church leaders.

Judging. Calling it racism.

It needs to stop.

Wait for the investigation. Let’s be smart enough not to let the media tell us what to believe…or what we think we saw.  A majority of us were not there.

Let’s not judge and call a police officer guilty of racism and shooting an unarmed black man because of the color of his skin.


Love. Pray. Stand together and support. Wait. Don’t cause division.

I am the mother of a LEO. He grew up in the community he serves. From elementary school thru high school.  He served in the Marine Corp. Did 2 tours overseas.  He serves our community in an area that is high in crime. He serves. He invests in his community. He builds relationships. He protects. He doesn’t see skin color. He sees crime and injustice. He is a peacemaker.

Don’t judge what he and so many others do when they put on that uniform and leave their homes. Leave their families. Don’t judge when someone calls 911 for help and help arrives. Don’t assume that that he and others like him want to shoot their weapons. They don’t.

I pray for my boy every night. For protection. That he makes good judgements. That he is safe both from the bad guy….but also from all the negative conversation that is out there on social media.

Too many #’s?

Then stop.





So I am 57 years young and have had maybe 5 pedicures on my feet in my lifetime. The feet that have traveled many many times to 3rd world countries. The feet that are either barefoot or in sandals. The feet that are well worn.

I finally had a pedi a few weeks ago before my trip to Jamaica and was astonished at a new tool that was used by the Asian lady who looked at my feet…then at me…and said “you want me use this?”

It looked like a cheese grater 

I nodded my head “yes” and she smiled, took in a deep breath, and did her magic. 

The results were soft heels. A totally non painful process. Soft as a baby’s bottom. 

So now I am home. Toes need repainting. Heels are a bit on the rough side. I go to TJ Maxx as I haven’t been there in over 3 weeks. (I know, I can’t believe that either.) And I find the cheese grater for my feet!!

I seriously should have purchased all 3 that were hanging from the hook. But I disciplined myself and just got the one.
It works!  And it has this cool plastic detachable cover on the back…that catches all that nasty heel skin!

Pretty gross…but some of you will understand and are secretly rejoicing with me right now. 
I have probably used every product out there for my feet and I can tell you…the buck stops here!

Now, if I can only find a gadget that will repair my toes….


I sit on my resort porch, on my final day in Negril….breathing in the fragrance of the salt air and the ocean.  It truly has been an amazing short four days at the Rockhouse hotel, but four days I won’t soon forget.

Dave and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary here. Low key. Quiet. Relaxing. We have been in the water with our masks and fins until our fingers became wrinkled and our appetites ravished. We spent four days without a television. But we did have wifi. The food has been incredible. The staff, amazing. The view, oh my.

We are off now to spend the next seven days in a ninth floor condo in Montego Bay. We will still spend our days floating in the blue waters of Jamaica.  We will still be eating some incredible food. And we will still be relaxing. God has been very good to us and we are very thankful. 


Acts 2:25 King David speaks….I saw the Lord always before me, for he is at my right hand that I may not be shaken; therefore my heart was glad, and my tongue rejoiced; my flesh also will dwell in hope.”

My flesh will dwell in hope…

dwell in hope

I have learned over the years that no matter what challenges or disappointments I face, I always have had hope. I always have had Him. I always have had His promises and His truths. But have I dwelled in that hope like David did?

Did His hope permeate my flesh…my being…my soul. Or did I just hang on to those words and walk in faith and trust?

He says that He will never leave us. He will not abandon us. I have read those words so many times and clung to them. And I realize that by walking in faith and trusting…I am dwelling in His hope, somewhat like David did.  I am dwelling in His presence.  I cannot do this life alone. I cannot trust in anything that I do or say. I will always fail. But He is stronger. He is consistent. He is faithful. How I long to dwell in His presence all my days. To put aside the matters of this world and to just focus and listen…to Him.

I will praise Him for His goodness and greatness. I have a passion that can only come from Him, that I want to live a life worthy of Him and to honor him. I trust in His promises, His word, His life, His love, His fruit.

My flesh will dwell in hope. When there is no other explanation. There is hope.